• Meet Gertrude.

    Meet Gertrude. We know her for her smile. We also know her for her strength. See that drum she has? Every day, Gertrude rolls it over two miles of bumpy, dirt terrain in 90-degree heat. It takes her 45 minutes to get there. She then fills that drum from a 30-foot deep well using a [...]
  • Meet Gift.

    Meet Gift. You don’t have to be around Gift long to know he loves football. Football as in soccer. And while he doesn’t even own a football, he doesn’t let that stop him. He wads up and ties together a bunch of trash bags to create a ball. He likes to kick the ball around [...]
  • Meet Mary.

    Meet Mary. She and her twin sister, Annie, are just 7  years old. Mary and Annie love to play games like Jacks and jump rope. But, instead of playing games, Mary often spends a lot of time walking to get water for her family. When full of water, that blue bucket weighs 30 pounds. Imagine our [...]
  • Meet Regina.

    Meet Regina. She has five children. To make sure her kids don’t go thirsty, Regina walks over an hour nearly every day and spends half a day’s income on clean water. But, she wants that to change. So Regina rallied a group of women to help make raintanks for their families—tanks that hold water safe [...]
  • Meet John.

    Meet John. Meet John. He’s 16 years old. He loves playing soccer with his friends Waqo and Fatuma. When John is in class, he never gets thirsty because Blood:Water has provided clean water access at his school. But, his home several miles away does not have clean water nearby. So, John chooses to sleep on [...]
  • Meet George

    Meet George. He’s from a small village in northern Kenya called Turbi. Turbi is home to 2,000 people and 14,000 Livestock. Turbi has a water reservoir. But, it often runs dry. When the reservoir runs dry, the only remaining water sources are hand dug wells. These wells do not run deep enough to avoid contaminants from the [...]
  • Meet Fathe.

    Meet Fathe. See that cliff she’s precariously standing on? That’s a 20-foot drop to the water below. Once a week Fathe wakes up at 6 a.m. and walks 12 miles to reach this water source known as The Singing Wells. Fathe then climbs to that small ledge and collects dirty water for her family. Other [...]
  • Meet Wario.

    Meet Wario. Meet Wario. He’s just 6 years old. Most kids in the United States carry pencils and notebooks to school. But Wario and his friends carry jugs full of water. That’s because their school doesn’t have any water for the children to drink. If Wario doesn’t bring water to school, he goes thirsty for the [...]
  • Meet Fatuma.

    Meet Fatuma. She’s 17 years old and plays goalie for her school’s soccer team. When’s she in class, she doesn’t have to worry about water. Her school has a raintank that houses safe, clean water. But, when Fatuma returns home, there isn’t any water. So, she and her family are forced to walk so they [...]
  • Meet Dorica.

    Meet Dorica. She rolls that wheelbarrow 45 minutes one direction to reach a water source. She then fills up as many jugs as she can carry in that wheelbarrow to take home to her family. With her baby, Faith, strapped to her back, Dorica wheels that water 45 minutes home. The worst part is that [...]