Meet Shukha, Rufo and Taiaso.

Meet Shukha, Rufo and Taiaso.

These three girls are best friends and attend a boarding school together in Kenya.

The only source of water at their school is this well.

And, as you can see, they share the well with hundreds of livestock.

As they scoop out water, they have to avoid animal pellets.

So, when they drink that water, they often get sick.

The girls walk to the well several times a day to get just enough to drink for meals.

Shorten their walk. Give them clean water.

Help us reach our goal of bringing
clean water to The Next Million people in Africa.

We spent our first 10 years bringing clean water to 1 million people in Africa.
Now we’re doing it again.

40 Billion

That’s how many hours people in Africa, mainly women and children, walk every year to collect water.

$20 brings clean water access to one person in Africa.

Will you join us in shortening their walk?

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